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The CHOYA Royal Honey 皇蜜

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This premium umeshu has zero added sugar and is made with pure natural honey and royal jelly and ume fruit. Made with nourishing royal jelly, it offers ultimate health and beauty benefits such as anti-ageing and boosts vitality.

Deliciously fragrant honey aroma with a hint of vanilla. The tartness of ume fruit is matched perfectly with a rich honey taste complete with notes of almond and marzipan.


Ways to enjoy: 

Straight up chilled, on-the-rocks, with soda or hot water, in cocktails. It can be consumed before meals to stimulate your appetite; after meals as a desert; before bedtime for a good sleep.


Product Information:

  • Aged > 2 years

  • Alcohol: 17% 

  • Liquid content (not including ume): 700ml

  • Ingredients: Japanese Nanko ume, sugar, cane spirit, 100% natural honey and royal jelly

  • Made from 100% Japanese premium Nanko ume fruit

  • Does not contain artificial additives such as acidulants, colourings, flavourings, or preservatives.


  • Royal jelly may support increased collagen production and protection from skin damage (promotes anti-aging effect)

  • Royal jelly helps increase collagen production and offers protection against skin damage and ageing

  • Controls hormonal balance

  • Contains antioxidant for anti-inflammatory effects 

  • Improves healing of wounds

  • Boosts endurance, stamina and vitality

  • Enhances skin tone, hair and nail strength

  • Contains over 40 different nutrients including B-Complex vitamins, minerals, vitamins A, C, D, and E, enzymes, hormones, 18 amino acids






  • 熟成时间:2年以上
  • 酒精度:17度
  • 净含量:700ml(不包括梅)
  • 原料:日本梅、糖、谷物蒸馏酒、天然蜂蜜与蜂王浆
  • 100%优质日本梅制成
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