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Yuzu, revered for its unique flavour and versatility, is predominantly cultivated and cherished in East Asia, with Japan standing out as the foremost producer and consumer of this citrus gem. Renowned for its complex blend of tangy, tart, and floral notes, yuzu stands out among citrus varieties. Beyond its culinary appeal, yuzu is packed with essential nutrients, including vitamin C and antioxidants. Its purported health benefits, including immune-boosting properties and anti-inflammatory effects, further enhance its appeal as a health-conscious ingredient.


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Within Japan, specific regions are famous for their top-notch yuzu production. Kochi Prefecture, located on Shikoku Island, is known as the “Yuzu Kingdom” for its significant contribution in yuzu production. Blessed with mild climates, ample sunlight, and fertile soil, Kochi provides the perfect environment for yuzu trees to thrive, yielding fruits renowned for their exceptional aroma and flavour. 

在日本,特定地区因柚子一流的生产量而著名。其中之一是位于四国岛的高知县,它顶着 “柚子王国” 的称号,可想而知它对柚子生产有着重大的贡献。高知县拥有温和的气候、充足的阳光和肥沃的土壤,为柚子树提供茁壮成长的理想环境,产出的柚子也以其异常的香气和口味而闻名。

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With a rich heritage spanning 110 years, CHOYA has remained steadfast in its commitment to crafting beverages with natural ingredients, devoid of any artificial additives. This strong dedication to authenticity is clear in our star product, CHOYA Yuzu, which has quickly ascended to become the leading Japanese yuzu liqueur on the market.

What sets CHOYA Yuzu apart is its pure composition, crafted solely from freshly harvested yuzu fruits sourced from the fertile fields of Shikoku Island. Each bottle of CHOYA Yuzu captures the essence of this vibrant citrus fruit, delivering a refreshing burst of citrus flavour with delicate floral notes derived from the yuzu zest.

Whether enjoyed neat over ice or incorporated into creative cocktails, CHOYA Yuzu is guaranteed to uplift the spirits and awaken the senses, reaffirming CHOYA’s strong dedication to providing top-notch quality and delicious flavour in every bottle.


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