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The CHOYA Concept 

CHOYA first began 100 years ago on a farm. The reliance on natural ingredients and its quality have always been a part of CHOYA's DNA. So with the goal to create a world standard for Umeshu, we developed The CHOYA.


 Concept 1: Quality Ume

The most important aspect upon making The CHOYA is high-quality ume fruit. We don't just use ordinary domestic ume. We go much further working with local ume farmers to research and develop both ume and optimal soil on which it grows. Using only high grade Nanko ume. Thanks to this dedication, superbly aromatic and richly ripened ume is born


 Concept 2: Ume Quantity

In addition, by using an unusually large number of umes, the rich flavours are fully drawn out along with the organic acids which are gentle and optimal to the body.


 Concept 3: Still Aging

Since only traditional and authentic ingredients such as ume, sugar, and alcohol are used, the environment which it is aged (at least 1 year) is important in the pursuit of an ideal flavour. We have special-designed storage tanks for Umeshu in order to protect it against external influences such as light, temperature, and air; which in turn allows us to age the ume liqueur carefully and steadily through a process we call Still Aging (Independent Aging).

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